Sebastian Vettel

Love him or hate him, Sebastian Vettel is an interesting personality on the grid. Extremely private yet very open in interviews, he is among the great drivers of our time and a prodigy of the great Michael Schumacher, whom he cites as an influence growing up and one of the reasons he chose to make the move to Ferrari for the 2015 season. Not only does he hold a hoard of titles, he also has some secret skills, which are extremely entertaining! Want to know more?

Here are 5 interesting facts about Sebastian Vettel.

He has won four World Championship titles on the trot. From 2010 to 2013 the RedBull power train, skillfully conducted by Supreme Engineering Genius Adrian Newey, won it all. Schumacher holds the number one spot with five World Championship Titles won in a row, while Vettel is tied in second.

He is extremely private. Vettel is another feted Formula 1 driver who goes against the common perception of the F1 lothario playboy. Like fellow driver Nico Rosberg, he has chosen to shy away from the playboy lifestyle and has been in a long term relationship with his current girlfriend since high school. He became a father in 2014 and lives in Switzerland with his family. Apart from these sparse facts, very little is known about his private affairs, and Vettel has openly said that he wants to keep it that way.

He’s held almost all the records.Vettel used to hold a lot of “youngest driver to…” records, many of which have now been stolen by younger rookies and upcoming talent. But it is important to remember, that since he joined Formula 1 he has been setting records. Youngest on Pole, Youngest World Champion (which he still holds), and the impressive title of Most Consecutive Wins in a Row, with 9 wins straight set in his 2013 season beating the longstanding record of 7 which was set in 1953. During his winning streak he frequently set the fastest lap and fastest pole in addition to winning the race outright.

He started karting in his parents backyard at the age of three. They say practise makes perfect and I suppose that starting young simply allows more time for practise! Vettel started karting at the age of three and as the path, which he used to drive on was extremely short and narrow, his father would put down a bucket of water at each end to allow the racing tot to skid the rear end of the kart around and complete a u-turn at speed, before racing down the other way. We have yet to hear how his mother felt about it.

He does a hilarious impersonation of Kimi Raikkonen.


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