Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has well and truly managed to imprint his name into the Formula 1 history books, where his rivalry with team mate Lewis Hamilton is already considered legendary. He has been racing alongside, and outperforming, Michael Schumacher (admittedly not in his prime at the time) and he is probably one of the most relaxed drivers in the post-race interviews. There is no doubt that Nico, along with the rest of the Mercedes F1 team, will provide some great viewing in 2015 with on-the-edge-of-your-seat wheel-to-wheel battles in what promises to be the second installment of the most epic rivalry in modern formula one.

What makes Rosberg worth watching?

His dad is a former F1 driver. And not just that. His dad is a former Formula 1 World Champion. Yep, Keke Rosberg won the 1982 World Championship with Williams F1 so it’s safe to say, that speed runs in the family. While Nico defintely did get to hang out on the motorsports circuit when he was younger on account of his dad’s success, he was encouraged to pursue other hobbies and didn’t start karting until the age of 11. By the time he was 14, he was the top dog on the international karting scene, until his main challenger Lewis Hamilton arrived to even out the scores a little.

He speaks 5 languages. Yep, you read right, FIVE languages. His mother tongue is German and he is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian. He makes good use of these verbal gifts after every race in the penned interviews where he entertains the journalists and fans with his renditions of the race in their own language. When he was younger and karting in Italy he used to tease the mono-lingual Lewis Hamilton by misinterpreting various conversations, much to his younger team mates’ confusion.

He married his childhood friend and long-term girlfriend in 2014. You might think all Formula 1 drivers lead a playboy lifestyle, but that’s not entirely true. Rosberg married his long-term girlfriend Vivian, whom he has known since childhood, in 2014. Word has it that he borrowed former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard’s car for the occasion. On 20th February 2015 the happy couple announced that they’re expecting a baby girl due in August. A quick calculation later and I conclude the baby must have been conceived round about the time he lost the World Championship in Abu Dhabi…

He’s a bit of a genius. In addition to his impressive language skills, which definitely is no small feat, he was also due to study Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College, but chose to gamble on his racing career in the first ever GP2 series. Which he won. He also holds the highest ever Williams Engineering Aptitude Test score, which all drivers are submitted to before they get to race for the team.

He adds a bit of Hollywood to the F1 circuit. While he himself might not be an actor, he does somewhat resemble a certain Titanic heartthrob. Not sure what I mean? Just scroll down…
image image


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