Nico Hulkenberg

An undeniable talent in the sport, Nico Hulkenberg towers over other drivers in the mid-teams in more ways than one and while there are many rumours surrounding his failure to secure a race seat with one of the top teams, he is undeniably an interesting driver to follow. He always comes across very relaxed and is one of my personal favourites in the pre-race interviews.


What makes Nico Hulkenberg interesting?

He’s always got the best view on the grid. At 184 cm, equivalent to just over 6 feet, Nico Hulkenberg is the tallest driver currently competing in F1 and stands 7 inches above the shortest driver, Felipe Massa. Many believe that his height is the main disadvantage that cost him a top drive in 2014. Taller drivers are more difficult to fit into the chassis and they naturally carry more weight, which seriously impacts the total race speed of driver-and-car package.

He is fast. And a little naughty. It is of course strongly discouraged to race ouside of the race track, but while the finer details remain unknown, Nico himself has let slip that he had to cough up with €800 to settle a speeding fine awarded to him in France. Tut tut.

He drives a Porsche. At least he will be driving one in the 2015 Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. It is quite rare for an active F1 driver to compete in other races and formulas and some believe this spells the end of Hulkenberg’s love affair with F1. No doubt his struggle to secure a seat in one of the top teams has added a flavour of frustration to his F1 campaign but only time will tell what the future holds for Hulkenberg and whether we will see him follow in the footsteps of Mark Webber, who left F1 for a full time drive in endurance racing.

He dates the mysterious Laura.Very little is known about Hulkenbergs girlfriend. She attends a few races a year but other than her first name and a few pictures, no-one have managed to snap up any more info on her.

He’s a bit of a hunk… erhm, I mean Hulk! With two Nico’s on the grid, both German, it’s no surprise nicknames have sprung up to avoid confusion. Hulkenberg has been awarded the nickname “Hulk” both as an abbreviation of his name and to describe the change which happens once he gets behind the wheel. Meanwhile Nico Rosberg has been awarded the nickname “Britney”, although I myself think he looks more like Leonardo DiCaprio. Who coincidentally is Nico Hulkenberg’s favourite actor.


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