Kimi Raikkonen

Nicknamed the “Iceman”, Kimi Raikkonen, although probably one of the most iconic F1 drivers, is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. He is blunt, outspoken and some would say rude. I personally find him hilarious. He hates doing media events and interviews and if a reporter asks him a stupid question, you’re bound to hear his trademark grunt of annoyance. He is also wildly popular with the fans despite his couldn’t-care-less attitude and these two facts means that most journalist get a little jumpy around him. Which is great fun to watch.

If he’s not a nice guy, why do fans love him?

He is a supreme overtaker. Kimi has always been quick around the track but he really comes into his own when he needs to regain places. His spatial awareness is phenomenal, as he time and time again manages to overtake, under-cut and complete passes that would make most people wet themselves a little while watching their lives flash by. Needless to say, he knows what he’s doing behind the wheel.

He does not like the media. At all. This has earned him quite the reputation among the F1 journalists and media people, who seem to love to hate the Iceman. Well, he certainly doesn’t make their life easier and we can debate whether that’s fair or not until the cows come home, but fact is that he doesn’t play by their rules. Whether he’s telling his race engineer to “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” while winning a race or informing Martin Brundle of his bowel movements, you just never know what he’s going to say next.

He likes a good party. And he isn’t adverse to an alcoholic beverage or two on occasion. In fact, when he was driving for Lotus he was frequently spotted holding a bottle of beer in the team photo, which is taken after the race ends. Rumour also has it, that he was once seen passed out in a Spanish bar clutching an inflatable dolphin after a particularly good soiree.

He has just become a father. News broke recently that Raikkonen became a father in January 2015. A little surprising to many, considering his reputation as a bit of a party animal, Raikkonen is now one of the “Daddy Drivers”, among others like Vettel, Massa and Grosjean.

He made Ferrari history. Despite winning his sole World Championship with Ferrari in 2007, he managed to misbehave so badly in the eyes of the sports car giant that they booted him off the team early in order to place Alonso in the seat in 2010. He took some time out from F1 and returned in 2012 with Lotus, where he outperformed his car, his team mate and everyone’s expectations. And then he managed to get a seat at Ferrari. Again. The entire F1 world was in shock, apart from Eddie Jordan who had made this far-fetched prediction early on. Irish luck or not, we have yet to see whether Raikkonen can manage another World Championship Title in red.


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