Austrian Grand Prix Round Up

Another boring race? No. Most definitely not. The Austrian Grand Prix 2015 was everything no one could have predicted. Apart from Massa Junior.

Straight off the marks, Rosberg jumped Hamilton and continued to drive a furiously fast race, making it impossible for Hamilton to get close. Some people may say that he was aided by Lewis’ mistake exiting the pit lane, where he picked up a 5 second penalty for crossing the white line. But the hard fact is, F1 is a sport and today Rosberg was on his game and Hamilton wasn’t.

More action on lap one was provided by Alonso and Raikkonen when they collided in one of the most spectacular-looking incidents in recent time. It is still unknown exactly what happened and what caused the accident but the end result was Alonso’s McLaren-Honda parked on top of Raikkonen‘s Ferrari.

Will Stevens retired under the ensuing safety car, robbing us all of enjoying his radio messages, which have become a firm favourite part of my race weekend.

Button came in for tyres under safety car, then once the safety car came in, so did button, to serve his drive-through penalty. Finally he retires only a few laps lager as the Honda engine starts sounding alarmingly like a leaf-blower.

All this in the first 10 laps! How can people call this boring?

The rest of the race saw some excellent overtakes from Bottas and Verstappen, some quality defensive driving from Hulkenberg and Massa and an additional 2 retirements from Sainz and Grosjean. Pastor Maldonado not only didn’t crash he finished 7th scoring 6 points and doubling his total while Massa drove home in 3rd ahead of Sebastian Vettel, something only his son had dared predict prior to the race.

Boring you say? It was glorious.


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