F1 Exhaust Pipe: The Best or Worst Present Ever?

My boyfriend proudly brought me a surprise this evening. Two exhaust pods from an F1 car and one exhaust pipe. Every F1 girl’s dream come true, right?

Well, let’s say I have mixed feelings. While I am now one step closer to owning my very own F1 car, I am also currently living in a 35 m2 one-bed flat (that’s 375 square feet for you imperial types) and the addition of two giant carbon fibre exhaust pods is causing me quite a few logistical problems. Basically I have nowhere to put them and they are currently occupying the majority of my living room floor. Think I’m exaggerating? Here they are.

Me and my Caterham F1 Exhaust Pods | Female-F1.com

For comparison, I am 170 cm tall (5 ft 7) and quite a few stones overweight. Also, pretty strong.

I will confess that I am pretty thrilled about the exhaust pipe, and all three items come with that authentic smell of F1 garage and burnt fuel. Mmmh.

Me and my Caterham F1 Exhaust Pipe | Female-F1.com

At this point, you might find yourself thinking: “Where did your other half manage to get his hands on these excellent pieces of memorabilia!”. According to him, he was presented with a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. As a result of Caterham going into administration last year, part of the plan to recover the debt was to sell off their assets. Since no one stepped forward to pick up the whole package, parts of old F1 cars have recently been up for auction. Along with a lot of other stuff like office chairs, overalls, etc.

Anyway, if anyone have a hybrid engine, a complete chassis, front wing, fiddly technology bits, suspensions, and, well, everything else an F1 car needs to actually run, I’d love to hear from you.


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