Canadian Grand Prix 2015 | Anyone Still Awake?

The F1 in Canada is normally an exciting affair full of racing skill and drivers kissing the wall. 2015 provided a slightly different race.

I’m not going to lie. The Canadian Grand Prix 2015 was boring. And not just that, it was a disappointment for many F1 fans. The Canadian Grand Prix is usually one of my absolute favourites and definitely features on my bucket list. It’s set on an island in a park in the vibrant city Montreal and it is usually pouring down.

This year however, the sun was out and the the track was dry. And while it was fast, it was also immensely predictable. Hamilton won and Rosberg came second. To be fair, Raikkonen did look like he would take 3rd but ended up spinning on the track. This meant he was over taken by fellow Finn Bottas, who landed the podium finish for himself.

Vettel also managed to do a lot of overtaking. He started well down he grid due to an issue with his ERS in qualifying but managed to fight his way up to a 5th place. Not bad.

Finally, Romain Grosjean misjudged the space available when overtaking Will Stevens and caused himself a puncture. Stevens reaction on the team radio was brilliant though, not the least due to his strong Essex accent which made a nice change in the F1 soundtrack.


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