Monaco Grand Prix Round Up

No one could have predicted how the Monaco Grand Prix 2015 ended in advance. Verstappen and Hamilton made big mistakes resulting in some nail-biting racing!

Monaco is always influenced by incidents and safety cars. The narrow streets of Monte Carlo form one of the most challenging and prestigious races in motor sport. For any F1 fan, the darkness through the tunnel and hairpin corner at Fairmont will lead to trembles of excitement.

Even those not interested in F1 will recognise the iconic track as it passes past the harbour and weaves it’s way through the Monegasque capital.

Hamilton lost the race to Rosberg

After having secured pole on Saturday, which would normally convert to a win around this tighter than tight race track, the Mercedes team made blunder of a decade by pulling Hamilton into the pit under the safety car making him drop from 1st to 3rd thus handing the race win to his team mate Nico Rosberg. By far one of the most awkward post-race celebrations and interviews I’ve ever seen, even if Vettel announced that he was quite happy with his 2nd place.

How could this happen?

That is an excellent question and I think the Mercedes team will be pulling an all-nighter trying to answer that question.
What we can say, is that Verstappen’s crash into Grosjean, which he thankfully walked away from, brought out the safety car. Verstappen can surely look forward to a firm admonishment from the other drivers at the next driver meeting, and it is a shame that this will likely overshadow his next races as up until this point he has driven superbly.

Finally, did Maldonado crash?

Yes, just few kisses between cars and nothing serious. Maldonado did eventually have to retire due to brake failure.


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