Spanish Grand Prix Roundup

Action packed Spanish Grand Prix 2015 with Rosberg taking the first win of the season, great display of strategy and some scary moments in the pits.

Best Spanish Grand Prix ever?

The Spanish Grand Prix has a reputation of being a bit dull. Usually, whoever manages to squeeze ahead out of the first corner will win the race and any challenges are purely strategic. While strategy did play a big part of the race, Circuit de Catalunya played host to some awesome overtaking manoeuvres and epic battles.

Verstappen already drive like a champ

Verstappen deserves a special mention. Challenged by Ricciardo he managed to keep his head cool and calmly watch the Australian overshoot the corner after which the young Dutchman took back the place. This may be par for the course for the more experienced drivers on the grid, but from a rookie? I am speechless.

McLaren’s still struggling

Both McLaren drivers were hoping to be able to challenge for points today, but it would appear that the upgrades the team brought to Spain weren’t quite up to the challenge and Button spent the majority of his time at the back of the grid, trying to manage the car more than manage his race. After the race, a dejected Button half-jokingly said he didn’t expect to get any points this year after the way the Spanish Grand Prix turned out for him.

Phew! Jack man danger

Meanwhile, it was a terrifying day in the pits, especially if you’re a jack man. First Alonso had a brake failure which caused him to overshoot the pit box by several feet. Luckily the McLaren jack man managed to jump out of the way at the very last minute, though it did look like a close call for a second. Thankfully no one were injured, which seems a minor miracle when looking at the footage!

Another jack man who’ll probably need a change of underwear can be found in the Lotus garage. Romain Grosjean also overshot the bit box and the jack man was pushed back several feet, landing almost flat on his face. He quickly recovered, scrambled to his feet and was punching down the jack even before anyone managed to come to his aid. Later though, we saw him sitting in the garage clearly coming down from one of the more serious adrenaline-highs of his life. Watching from home, I certainly needed a swig of lager and a few deep breaths afterwards.

Finnishing comments

Bottas showed his class yet again, when under some serious pressure from Kimi Raikkonen. I’m always a fan of Finn-on-Finn, and today was a real treat. Bottas was hunted down by Rakkonen in the Ferrari over the final laps of the race and managed to hang on to his 4th place. Naturally this spurred on the debate on whether Bottas will replace Raikkonen at Ferrari next year.

Did Maldonado crash? Yes. While not one of the most spectacular crashes, he did make contact with Romain Grojean who clipped his rear wing.


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