MIA | Funny F1 Stories


So I’ve not managed to write very much since the Australian Grand Prix although I did find time to watch the races (on playback, days later, yikes!). In between juggling a new job, having my dad visit from Denmark and finally moved into the teeny tiny tight-pocket of a one bed flat that I’ve bought with my boyfriend. New starts and all that – but four weeks in, I am still building furniture, unpacking boxes and constantly running out of clothes to wear.

Excuses, excuses, right? Here are my favourite “missing in action” stories from the F1 world… and their associated excuses!

5 | McLaren Honda and the 2015 season to date. Yes, OK, this might be a cheap shot, but let’s face it; McLaren Honda are so far behind this year, they are in effect ‘missing’ from the grid. Nonetheless, they have promised big changes this weekend in Spain, so I’m hopeful they will ‘rejoin’ the race soon.

4 | In fourth position I bring you a blast from the past. Senna was always legendary, both on and off the track. In fact, he was so quick in the 1993 European Grand Prix, that his pit crew didn’t manage to get ready for him when he came in for his pit stop! Instead Senna continued through the pit lane, rejoined and came in a lap later. This did in fact contribute to his win, as his short cut through the pit lane helped him jump ahead and set fastest lap.

3 | Fernando Alonso might have ended his love affair with Ferrari this season but in 2011 at Silverstone it was all ablaze. In fact, at the drivers parade before the British Grand Prix, Fernando had so much fun driving the vintage Ferrari he missed the bus taking the drivers back to get ready for the race! As a result, multi-millionaire Alonso was forced to run for the bus.

Fernando Alonso looking disgruntled

2 | Lewis overslept. It’s no secret that Monaco Grand Prix 2014 was a bit of a debacle for Lewis Hamilton, partially because of his team mate Nico Rosberg ran off in the final part of qualifying which compromised what could have been a pole lap for Lewis, partially because he overslept! While he did make it to the race in time, he failed to overtake Nico, who won from pole.

1 | I will make no apologies for being predictable. My favourite missing F1 driver is Kimi Raikkonen, who missed a pre-race commemoration ceremony with footballer Pele in the honour of Michael Schumacher. His excuse? “I was having a s***”.

Want to see the famous exchange yourself? Check out this *uncensored* video:


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