The night before… The Australian Grand Prix

I don’t know about you, but I could do with a little sunshine break away from the cold and rainy British shores. Regrettably this year’s budget has already been blown on a place for me and my boyfriend to live and so didn’t quite stretch to a trip down under. Not to fear, as at least I will have the immense pleasure of getting up at 5 am to sit in a garden chair among paint pots and half-finished ikea furniture and watch the race. I am not a morning person by the way, and fewer things will ever demonstrate my love of F1 quite as thoroughly as my willingness to get up before 10 am on my day off. Frankly, even 10 would be hopeful most weekends.

What makes the Australian Grand Prix worth getting up early for?

Home of the Honey Badger. F1’s new favourite, Daniel Ricciardo, will be racing in front of his home crowd this coming weekend at Melbourne Albert Park. Last year he actually managed a podium finish in second place until he was stripped of the honours due to using too much fuel. Let’s hope the taste of champers won’t leave him with a bitter aftertaste again this year…

What’s all this nonsense about Sauber and Giedo van der Garde? Well, it’s a right hot mess if you ask me!! When it comes down to it, Sauber only had two vacancies but signed contracts with three people to fill these. This has left more than one person with a bitter taste in their mouth and has raked up an almighty s***storm in preparation for the season opener in Melbourne. Until now all signs suggest that Van der Garde’s claim is true and while it is highly unlikely that he will be racing this coming weekend, it remains to be seen how much the F1 team have to cough up to settle the matter and if they will have the finances to do so. Some doomsday sayers are even speculating whether this could cause the Swiss team to go bust. Either way, I think it is highly unlikely that we will see Giedo at the wheel of an F1 car again, as I find it hard to imagine any team offering him a seat following this, despite how just his claim may or may not be. The sad truth is that in anything where money is involved; politics rule, not sportsmanship.

Is Alonso pulling a sickie? Probably not. The official word is that he is extremely frustrated (as much as one can be sitting about in a multi million pound mansion in Dubai) at having to stay at home after being advised by doctors not to race again so soon after his accident in Barcelona pre-season testing. McLaren insist that upon a full investigation into the accident they are unable to explain the cause of it. Go back 20 years and this was par for the course but in modern F1 it is virtually unheard of. Naturally this has led to some pretty wild theories swarming about the internet, ranging from conspiracy theorists claiming McLaren is hiding the truth about the car not being safe enough to race in, to Alonso having a stroke while driving. For now all that remains certain, is that Alonso is on the bench while Kevin Magnussen steps in to take the wheel in Melbourne. Where he managed to get a podium on his debut last year, by the way…

And I haven’t even begun to tell you about the history of the race, about the sticky hot 80’s duels in Adelaide between Senna and Prost, or how Rosberg‘s father Keke went on to win the first ever Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in 1986. But not to worry, I’ll make sure to post some more interesting facts over the coming race weekend, so please subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter to stay in touch!


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