Force India v Forza Marussia

Force India is currently the centre of one of the biggest formula one fan backlashes since Coulthard criticised Kimi Raikkonen while on TV. Following their veto vote cast against Marussia’s submission to run their 2014 car in the 2015 season, an important element in their “Road to Recovery” plan agreed with their administrators.

What does Force India have against letting Marussia rejoin the grid?
The official reason stated by Force India’s Deputy Team Principal, Bob Fernley, claims they felt Marussia, or Manor as they would likely become upon reentering the sport, did not submit a serious proposal.
“The reality is that absolutely no documentation was provided whatsoever.” Bob told Sky Sports. “Even the process that was used in terms of the letter that was sent in was not compliant. It should be sent by the administrators and it was sent by one of the former directors of Marussia.”
He went on to explain that the submission consisted of a single letter and that Force India was simply the first team to cast their vote. After they voted no, the proceedings stopped as an unanimous vote from all the teams is required.

What should Marussia do now?
In my opinion the first thing they need to do, is stop panicking. They are obviously desperate to make it to the next test in Barcelona at the end of the month however; losing your head isn’t going to help. As a former Credit Analyst, I would have to say that Force India made the only decision they could. We all want tot see the smaller teams flourish in F1 and the right way to go about making that happen is to make sure that all F1 teams are run on sustainable business models. While F1 is a sport, F1 teams are companies who manufacture cars and employ a host of talent across the board from driver and mechanics to engineers, buyers and marketing people. The impact on the sport caused by tams failing and going out of business is immense to all teams involved. As the reputation and popularity of the sport decreases, so does their revenue and with it, the ability to pay the bills and the salaries of their employees.

That all sounds rather reasonable, so what is the fuss about?
Force India are struggling themselves and rumours have it they are trying to secure some of Marussia’s sponsorships. They failed to show up at the first test in Jerez in the beginning of February and it is starting to look like they might not even make it to the second test either. This is a really bad position for any team to be in before the start of the season and in combination with the lack of F1 news it has all been blown rather out of proportion. The positives for us to take away at this point is that Formula 1 fans love the smaller teams and that their presence in F1 is loved and appreciated. This is a massive step forward from a few decades back where any team not competing in the top of the sport was widely ignored.


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