Jerez testing

My twitter has gone bezerk! With the preseason testing in Jerez well under way, my phone has been bombarding me with statistics and updates on who is fastest on track. This is the first time we see the cars in action after they’ve been revealed throughout January with the last couple of stragglers finally being put on show on 1st February on the Jerez track. Lotus decided to be fashionably late again this year but they’ve been posting car “selfies” online every five minutes since the paint dried, much like a pre-party Kim Kardashian. By the way, if you don’t already, I strongly urge you to follow Lotus on Twitter, they are hilarious.

What is there to see?

Ehm… Mainly cars not doing what they’re expected to and geniuses scratching their heads in bewilderment. Occasionally one will catch fire (a car, not a head), another will just stop randomly and a third will keep on going and going and going. It’s actually not unlike your generic battery commercial but with cars instead of bunnies and Mercedes as the top dog.

What is it all good for? Well, its invaluable for the teams. They have a hoard of theories and settings to test through to help them understand the nature of the beast which they’ve built during the winter. It’s the first time the drivers get to wrestle the cars and Pirelli will be closely monitoring the tyres. Honda in particular has some serious catching up to do.

Other than that, this is just something for the media and fans to focus on during the F1 ‘silly season’ and we probably won’t get a genuine idea of what the season will bring until the Australian Grand Prix starts the fun in March.


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